Auto locksmiths for most types of Vehicles

What we do:.

  • Auto Locksmiths Wiltshire services
  • Emergency vehicle entry
  • Lost vehicle keys made and cut to code
  • Remote key immobiliser programming
  • Extra vehicle security – Dead & Slam locks
  • Mobile service going to where you are
  • Extra keys cut for your peace of mind

Auto locksmiths Devizes services and emergency vehicle entry

If you've locked yourself out of your car, don't worry Access-Keyway Auto Locksmiths Wiltshire can help you regain entry to your vehicle, retrieve your keys and get you on your way - fast!

Lost car keys, keys cut to code, remote programming duplication

If your vehicle immobiliser has been lost, stolen or broken, Access-Keyway Auto Locksmiths Wiltshire can carry out the re-programming or cutting of new keys. If you are looking for Auto Locksmiths in Wiltshire and other surrounding areas, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Access - Keyway Locksmiths.

Emergency Auto Locksmiths

At Access - Keyway Locksmiths we provide a number of emergency auto locksmith services. If you have lost your car keys, broken your keys, damaged the lock on your car or are in need of any other emergency auto locksmith service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Access Keyway Locksmiths. We work with a range of vehicles regardless of the age, make or model. We can replace faulty lock systems, repair damaged locks and even cut new keys to fit your vehicle. We can also cut keys to code.

Access Keyway Locksmithsalso work in conjunction with a number of well-known breakdown services, to ensure that you receive the best help available, when you need it most. We aim to get you up and running again, as soon as possible.

At Access - Keyway Locksmiths, we can help with a number of emergency auto locksmith services within a range of cars, vans, trucks and more. The cost of entering into vehicles can be expensive if you go direct to your manufacturer. Access Keyway Locksmiths can provide as high quality a service, at a very competitive price. Our vehicle entering services are also non - destructive. We always take great care when trying to enter your vehicle when your locks or keys are lost or damaged.

For more information on the vehicles which we can work with, please get in touch with Access - Keyway Locksmiths.

Extra Security for your Vehicle

At Access Keyway Locksmiths, we can offer a wealth of advice on how to ensure that your vehicle is as secure as possible. We can supply and install a range of different locks for added security, including dead locks and slam locks.

Dead Locks - These door locks have a single dead bolt which can only be locked and unlocked with a key. They are used for extra lock strength within your vehicle, and is specified by many insurance companies. They can offer excellent protection against a number of forced entry methods, including lock picking, drilling, manipulation and others. For more information on dead locks from Keyway Locksmiths, please get in touch.

Slam Locks - Slam locks automatically lock and secure a door as soon as the door is closed. Therefore they need the use of the intended key for the user to regain access to the vehicle. These locks are automatically operated, and so are ideal for load area doors. They are also recommended for vehicles used for multi-drop situations.

For more information and advice on ensuring your vehicle is totally secure, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Access - Keyway Locksmiths.

Stolen / Damaged / Lost Vehicle Keys

For stolen, lost or broken keys, we offer a number of different options for your vehicle. We can create new keys to match the original vehicle key, or we can re-key an existing locking system to a new setting, to suit your keys. This can all be much more cost effective than having us fit a brand new locking system for you. For key related Locksmiths services, please contact us.

We can also help with broken keys, when they have been damaged within your vehicle. We can remove broken keys from the vehicle door, the boot, ignition panel and other areas. New keys can be cut from the broken pieces.

If your car or van keys have been stolen, we can help re-key your existing lock system, or we can install a new lock for you. By doing so, we can supply you with a new set of keys which fit your new lock, whilst ensuring that any persons with your stolen keys can no longer gain access to your vehicle.

We can re-cut a number of different types of lock, all adhering to the manufacturer's code. For more information on the locks and vehicles which we can work with, please get in touch with Access Keyway Locksmiths.